NY Wu Tang Kung Fu is the best martial arts school in New York City, teaching you authentic Kung Fu and Tai Chi. For over 30 years, the Wu Tang Institute has been working with students from all over the Tri-State area to help people become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Unlike other schools and systems, we focus on long-term health and fitness, in addition to realistic combat usage.

Our system teaches several styles of kung fu in a way to strengthen your whole body, not only your muscles. We train you in a way that develops your heart, lungs, ligaments, bones and tendons, as well as your muscles.

We teach a number of styles of kung fu that together develop the mind and body into a high-quality weapon, with a process of softening, shaping, hardening and sharpening. We usually start with Long Fist, then move to Praying Mantis, onto a weapon, and then Baji and Pigua.

We offer a supportive and healthy learning environment where all students and instructors are respectful and want to see you excel. We do not have students who do not respect others at our school.

We have incredibly skilled and dedicated instructors who have had on average 10 or more years of experience with some instructors having 30 or more years of experience. Come learn from the best! You will find no other school that teaches you the details and concepts that truly make a difference in everything you do!

We also teach Self-Defense and Bystander Intervention training particularly against ANTI-ASIAN VIOLENCE!