Kung Fu for Kids

We have worked with kids for over 30 years. We want your child to develop strength, not just in the body, but in the mind and spirit. We do not only teach your child to punch and kick–we teach them not to fear difficulty and to seek out new challenges. Our training will help your child resist peer pressure and protect themselves. They will be respected by their classmates and respectful to you.

We will teach your child to think in new ways to understand his/her own body and mind. Your child will learn to control his fear and recognize his weaknesses. He/she will overcome many challenges and learn how to maximize their potential. As they become stronger mentally and physically, you will see that your child will change dramatically. They will be less nervous, they will be more assertive, and they will not shy away from difficult things.

During each class, we will work on foundational moves, flexibility training, strength training, forms and application of the movements. Far many schools do not teach their students the meaning of what they learn. Here, your child will learn to use what they learn to protect themselves and others.

If you are looking to provide your child with the skills to become a leader, enroll your child today!

Unlike other schools, we encourage your child to come often by offering unlimited classes at a reasonable price. We are not a commercial establishment, but a school run by people who love kung fu and wish to spread the knowledge they have gained to others. Each of our instructors has progressed through the levels at our school and have studies for 5 years or more.