The Wu Tang system is from Taiwan. After the Communist Revolution, many of the masters of Kung Fu fled to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-Shek and his Republic of China government. Great Grandmaster Liu Yin Chiao created Wu Tang as a place where the traditional martial arts of China could be preserved and passed on.

We have been in NYC for approximately 40 years, with Masters Charles Chen and Marlon Ma teaching at Queensboro Community College since the early 1980s. In approximately 1989, the NY Wutang Martial Arts institute set up at it’s current location. Master Howard Lau studied with Marlon Ma since the mid 1980s, after studying kung fu for many years with another master.

Master David Chiang began at the school in 1989 and has been teaching for over 20 years.

Our system covers a number of styles, each complementing the other, when studied properly.

LONG FIST – We generally start with long fist to teach structure, memory and flexibility.

PRAYING MANTIS – Mantis is an excellent style that develops speed and power together, and also teaches to create opportunities and take advantage of them. We teach forms from the 6 Harmony, 7 Star, 8 Step, Plum Flower, Secret Gate and Long Fist Praying Mantis sub-styles.

BAJI QUAN- (8 Extremes) A high-level combat style that teaches how to generate power with the entire body, and to use the 8 weapons of the body in different ways.

TAI CHI QUAN- A soft, internal style, that emphasizes circular motions and redirecting power.

PI GUA QUAN- A loose whipping style, that is used to complement baji quan’s rigidity.

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