Martial Art? More Engineering Science…

What is the difference between a toy car and a real car?

They both look like cars, but one works, the other does not.

We do not see what we teach as an art. We see it as an engineering science.

When we evaluate art, we can differ in opinion. Looking at a painting you might think it is beautiful. I may think it ugly. We can both be right.

In art, beauty and emotion is enough. There is no scale for measuring it. In engineering, it must work. The form must have function. We can evaluate a movement or a strategy, and have a basis for the evaluation. Does it work? Are there other ways to do it? Can it work for you? In engineering, we must recognize that there are many ways to accomplish any task, and not everyone is capable of using the same methods, due to strength, size, skill or attitude.

For instance, which vehicle is best? A Ferrari? Or a minivan?

It very much depends on your budget and the size of your family?

We will help you understand how understanding kung fu as an engineering science will help you understand yourself, others and how to fight and how not to fight.